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Sod Installation Services

Sierra Sod is your local sod farm, sod installers, and helpful lawn maintenance experts. We can deliver and install sod throughout Sacramento County, Solano County, Sonoma County and Lake County. Whether your new lawn is a large athletic turf or a small backyard sanctuary, we can install it no matter the size. We offer the highest quality sod, the best sod installation services and most competitive pricing. So get expert installation services for your new sports field, golf course or residential lawn. Our team of sod and lawn care experts will even go over proper lawn care and maintenance tips with you so your new lawn continues to thrive. Get sod installation services that are professional, fast, and always done right the first time.Contact Sierra Sod for professional sod installation services.

Installation Steps

  • Step 1: Order Sod (24 hour advance notice required)
  • Step 2: Get Curbside Delivery
  • Step 3: Fertilize Soil
  • Step 4: Install Sod Same Day
  • Step 5: Roll with sod Roller
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DIY Sod Installation Guide

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Once the soil is prepared, leveled and smoothed over with a rake, install the irrigation system and bender boards. Make sure the grade is 1 inch below walkways and borders, and 1/2 inch below sprinkler heads. Roll the area with a lawn roller 1/3 full of water. This will firm the soil surface and reveal low areas that need more soil.

As soon as your sod is delivered, you want to start laying it. Start from the farthest boarder and work your way through the project. When laying sod, stagger end seams as in bricklaying, butt joints tightly, do not overlap edges. Use any serrated knife (preferably one that won’t get used on food again) to cut around sprinklers and trim left over sod pieces. Keep a nice, tight edge when you lay the side and end joints.

One this we don’t recommend is grabbing a sod roll and tugging it into place. Because as you’re tugging the roll into place, you could stretch it. Sod is like elastic, once stretched, it will shrink up and leave gaps in your lawn. If you need to move a sod roll, grab both ends of the roll and lift then set the roll into place. Slide the whole roll to avoid stretching the sod.

Water your turf as you lay your sod. For large lawn areas, you want to give the newly laid turf water within 30 minutes of installation, especially during the hot months of the year. Even though sod has a lot of moisture in it, as it is being laid out, sod needs to stay cool. Small lawns that take less than an hour to lay out can usually wait to be watered until all the sod is installed. But for large lawns, you don’t want to wait all day to water or you’ll stress out your sod.

Once sod has been laid, and watered for five to ten minutes, roll your new lawn lightly with a half filled lawn roller. Rolling will press the sod down ensuring you have very good sod to earth contact and no air beneath the sod. Your rolling is a nice, straight rolling pattern. Try not to weave and curve the rolling pattern unless you’re rolling around a boarder.

After rolling the new lawn, turn the water on again for about 45 minutes. Let the water soak in so you get 6” of saturated soiled. Repeat for another hour if you see a lot of run off during the first 45 minutes. Repeat again the next day to keep the root system and soil saturated to promote a deep growth of roots in your soil. Try to stay off the lawn area for two weeks.

Sod Varieties

Sod Delivery Pricing

  • Minimum order of 480 sq feet for delivery service.
    (excludes deliveries on Sundays)
  • Cost of deliveries under 960 sq. ft.

    • Sonoma County – $75
    • Solano County – $75
    • Sacramento County – $75
    • Bay Area – $75
    • Lake County – $85 under 2000 sq. ft.
  • Free local sod deliveries for orders over 1000 sq. ft.

Additional Services Available

  • Installation available on any size job

  • Fertilizer & Seed available on every order

  • Dedicated Sales Representative to work with you and your customer

  • 7 days a week to most areas

  • 3 different sod farms to service your customers – Dixon, Sebastopol, and Butte City, California

  • Morning deliveries on most orders

Additional Information

Roll Size- 24″ wide X 48″ long = 8 sq. ft. Sod Thickness-5/8 to 3/4″ Sod Weight- 45 to 50 pounds per roll. Our sod is harvested in eight square foot rolls, which are lighter and easier to install. We also have the ability to harvest and install 30″ wide big rolls for large-scale installations.

Measuring & Ordering Sod

To get started now, measure the area of sod lawn needed and subtract areas not to be sodded. Area equals length times width. Whatever is left over is the amount you should order in square feet. It is not wise to cut corners. Give yourself a generous surplus for patching and extras. We have provided calculators below, making it easier to find out exactly how much sod you will need to order to fill your desired area.

Square or Rectangle

Right Triangle

Circle, 1/2 Circle, 1/4 Circle


For Local Orders Over 1000 sq/ft. Call at least 24 hours before you want to lay the sod.

Our sod prices are really down to earth!