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Dwarf El Camino – Highly Drought, Heat, and Wear Tolerant Turf

Dwarf El Camino - Highly Drought, Heat, and Wear Tolerant Turf
Dwarf El Camino - Highly Drought, Heat, and Wear Tolerant Turf

Dwarf El Camino Features

Dwarf El Camino is a blend of the Iatest improved, Dwarf fescue varieties. It’s slightly finer texture is very similar to our Endurance sod in it’s durability, year round deep green color, and increased hardiness. Dwarf El Camino is highly drought, heat, and wear tolerant turf with better resistance to most common fungus problems. Sierra’s Dwarf El Camino, has shown excellent results in full sun and moderate shade Dwarf El Camino is deeper rooted, is tolerant of most soil types, and has a lower fertility requirement. This makes Dwarf El Camino an excellent choice for lower maintenance turf areas such as playgrounds, schools, athletic fields, commercial installations and home lawns with increased traffic.

Sod Installation Service

Looking for a professional sod installer? Sierra Sod has your team of professional lawn installers can get the job done right – the first time. With Sierra Sod, you’ll not only get the highest quality sod, but also expert sod installation services all for an affordable price!

Sod Delivery Services in Northern California

At Sierra Sod, we want to make ordering and installing your new lawn as easy as possible. That’s why we also offer sod delivery services in Northern California, Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area. Your sod is freshly cut within 24 hours and delivered in its best condition right to your home, athletic field, or commercial site.  Some sod deliveries may include an increased charge due to difficulty of delivery. Next-Day Delivery Service available for most orders.

Military Discounts For Sod Purchases

Sod Delivery Pricing

  • Minimum order of 480 sq feet for delivery service.
    (excludes deliveries on Sundays)
  • Cost of deliveries under 960 sq. ft.

    • Sonoma County – $75
    • Solano County – $75
    • Sacramento County – $75
    • Bay Area – $75
    • Lake County – $85 under 2000 sq. ft.
  • Free local sod deliveries for orders over 1000 sq. ft.

Additional Services Available

  • Installation available on any size job

  • Fertilizer & Seed available on every order

  • Dedicated Sales Representative to work with you and your customer

  • 7 days a week to most areas

  • 3 different sod farms to service your customers – Dixon, Sebastopol, and Butte City, California

  • Morning deliveries on most orders

Additional Information

Roll Size- 24″ wide X 48″ long = 8 sq. ft. Sod Thickness-5/8 to 3/4″ Sod Weight- 45 to 50 pounds per roll. Our sod is harvested in eight square foot rolls, which are lighter and easier to install. We also have the ability to harvest and install 30″ wide big rolls for large-scale installations.

Measuring & Ordering Sod

To get started now, measure the area of sod lawn needed and subtract areas not to be sodded. Area equals length times width. Whatever is left over is the amount you should order in square feet. It is not wise to cut corners. Give yourself a generous surplus for patching and extras. We have provided calculators below, making it easier to find out exactly how much sod you will need to order to fill your desired area.

Square or Rectangle

Right Triangle

Circle, 1/2 Circle, 1/4 Circle


For Local Orders Over 1000 sq/ft. Call at least 24 hours before you want to lay the sod.

Our sod prices are really down to earth!